Visco-elastic Synthetic modeling of the Hydrofrac Model


1. Field data


                    (A)                                                                             (B)

Fig. A The VSPs shot on the project site. The letted sites are the shotpoints.

Fig. B Compressional and shear wave velocity structure from well 100. The sonic log is showm for comparison wit the P-wave structure


The before data were collected in August 1978, and the after data were shot in October 1979


                                    (A)                                                          (B)

Fig. A  SH arrival form shotpoint G. Before Hydrofracing

Fig. B  An exploded view form figure 9.17 forcusing on the SH-wave shadow seen in well 100 from shotpoint G


2. Convert Hardcopy data to Seg-y

2.1 Segy Before hydrofracing


2.2 Segy After hydrofracing



3. Model velocity & Generation

3.1 Model velocity




1. Model #10

Note that hydrofrac depth : 1800ft~2300ft




4. Synthetic Modeling

4.1 Model 8  - 25 Hz source


4.2 Model 8  -10Hz source


4.1 Model V12 - 20Hz source(10,30Hz convolution)

Before the Fracing

After the Fracing


snapshot file

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