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[Seisunix] Modifications to SU trace rasterizing routines suxwigb 구동시 선이 깨지는문제 해결
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[Seisunix] Modifications to SU trace rasterizing routines rfwtva.c and rfwtvaint.c

Kris Vanneste via
Nov 4
to seisunix
Dear John and seisunix list members,

Several years ago, I discovered and fixed a bug (or rather incompleteness) in the trace rasterizing routines that are used by xwigb
and pswigb. When displaying a wiggle trace, you don't always get a continuous line. This problem appears when the number of rasterized samples exceeds the number of bits in the x direction (time axis), and disappears when you zoom in far enough. The attached images suxwigb1_old.png and suxwigb2_old.png illustrate this problem for two different traces.

I modified the rasterizing routines in the source files rfwtva.c and
rfwtvaint.c (located in $CWPROOT/src/cwp/lib), so that bits in the y
direction (amplitude axis) are correctly set. Basically, I had to add a
loop over the y coordinates that intervene between two subsequent x coordinates. The result of these modifications can be seen in the attached images suxwigb1_new_interp=0.png, suxwigb1_new_interp=1.png and suxwigb2_new.png.

Please find attached the modified source files rfwtva.c and rfwtvaint.c. I modified them from SU version 36 (but as far as I can see, these files have not been changed since then). I have marked all modified sections with /* (kvn) */ remarks. I tried to make as little modifications as possible, to make clear what exactly has been changed.
I am not an experienced C programmer, so it is possible that the code can be further optimized. However, I have not encountered any problem with my modified code so far.

I hope you will consider these modifications for inclusion in next versions of SU. Thank you for your continuing effort to improve Seismic Unix!

Kind regards,
Kris Vanneste


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